Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I Was Wrong

Sorry for posting a mistaken assumption. I may go into further details later about why, I was so mistaken. Basically here is the short version, the information I didn't go into detail earlier was that the Dean source stated it had to do with the Vice-President. I assumed it meant Dean was picking a Vice-President. I assumed it was Clark, because of the proximity of their campaign events on Sunday. My source was hinting at Gore, not Clark. I am sorry I couldn't pick up the nuances. I will refrain from trying to play detective in the future. Again, I apologize for running mistaken speculation.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I left my home in Norfolk, Virginia
Massachusetts on my mind

If this had been 2000, I wouldn't have even had to change the lyrics. I realize I haven't really given any reason for a reader to accept my speculation. Honestly, I wish I had more to base my hunch.

I don't want to go into too many details, but these are the basic facts I can establish.

1. A source of mine who works for Clark as a campaign volunteer and states, "something is happening this weekend". Clark will be in Norfolk on Sunday Dec. 7th according to his Website and has no events scheduled after that date.

2. Another source of mine who works for the Dean campaign and states Dean will be in Norfolk on Sunday. According to him only "politically important" people will be there. Dean is going to make a "major announcement".

3. The Virginia Primary is not until Feb. 10th and no other Democratic candidates are in Virginia, let alone Norfolk tomorrow.

4. Sunday is Pearl Harbor Day, sneak attack by the Democrats?

There is a little bit more, but I don't feel comfortable in divulging that additional information. I hope I am not getting anyone in trouble with what I have posted.

I posted my gut intuition on these "random" events, after I read Josh Marshall's TPM (Talking Points Memo) post today on Dean (the item was actually posted yesterday). I am speculating, because I don't have the contacts to confirm my hunch. Anyways, nobody reads my blog if I am wrong, no one will know. If I am right, I might get some limited exposure.

Major Announcement Dean/Clark Meet-Up in Norfolk on Sunday

I think they are going to make a joint announcement tomorrow in Norfolk. Dean is going to make a major announcement, and Clark is going to be at the MacArthur Memorial. I think they will either run as a combined ticket with Dean on top or announce some sort of merged campaign. Remember, you heard it here first. I could be totally wrong.

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