Tuesday, September 16, 2003

The Sunday Afternoon Quarterback™

I awoke groggily, got out of bed, turned on the TV, and watched in horror. No you have not stumbled onto another blogger's recollection of 9/11. Do any of these guys work? Who stumbles out of bed at 9:00 a.m. on a Tuesday, other than myself and I was unemployed at the time!!! No the horror I was witnessing was Dick Cheney on "Meet The Press" last Sunday morning.

One idea I have is tentatively titled the Sunday Afternoon Quarterback (a nod to Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback) or Sunday Afternoon Recap where I would give my take of the Sunday Morning News Shows (SMNS). I would like it to be a recap for people who missed the shows. Also, I would like it to be fairly regular and consistent, but since I would be responsible for writing it, that is not likely to happen. Is "Face The Nation" still running? I think it is, but I do not get up that early to watch it. The shows I would even have a chance on commenting on would be the last half hour of "Meet The Press", "Inside Washington", "This Week", and "The McLaughlin Group". Unfortunately, I am not getting paid for this, so I am under no obligation to watch all the shows. Therefore, I would just be commenting on the parts of those shows I actually got to see. Here in the Washington, DC metro area, some of the programs run concurrently, so no matter how dillegently I watch the shows I will miss something. I am not taping them, that's for sure.

TPM beat me to it for this past Sunday. I was still embarrassed at how awful my welcome post was and debating if I should just kill myself or pull the plug on this blog. What do you know I am Pro-Life after all. You can read Josh Marshall's much more thorough take on the lying weasel known as Dick Cheney here.

I promise I will get better with my links. I would just like to add something no one else has mentioned (at least I have not noticed it). Dick Cheney during the course of this Bush/Cheney re-election spot courtesy of Tim Russert, NBC, and GE stated that in five years the deficit would be cut in half. What happened to the big lie? Well, besides the ones he stated during his appearance such as the link between Iraq and al-Queda. Why not just state there would be a surplus, no one believes it will only be a quarter of a trillion dollars, anyways. Then, I started wondering if maybe this statement is the big lie. Could the yearly deficits increase? No one has really broached this aspect of his lackey appearance. It would be nice if someone would call him on it, since Bush keeps cutting taxes every time he is not making a campaign appearance while nobly fighting the War on Terror.

"This Week" had a good exchange between George Stephenapoulos and Howard Dean. Stephe stated that Dean was a strong supporter of NAFTA in 1993. Dean chided Stephe's characterization of Dean's support. I have no idea if Stephe or Dean was right, but I think Dean is good at knocking pundits back on their toes. It was lock step thinking and reporting (Gore's a serial liar) that helped doom Gore's run in 2000. I think people like Dean for fighting back, even if he shades the truth. I think most people realize news organizations and reporters do the same thing.

I have lived in the DC area so long, I have forgotten what is like to live in the U.S. Is "Inside Washington" even seen nationwide? I think I used to watch it on PBS, but I could be wrong. Anyways, Jack Evans of Newsweek was very dismissive of Dean's comments on Israel at the Baltimore debates. Basically, his comment was that it flew in the face of fifty years of US-Israeli relations. As my wife stated, "Yeah, those policies have been really successful". It amazes me that the pundits are harping on this garbage. We need to do something different. The current coarse of coddling Israel's development of settlements is not working and if anyone points it out that person is a troublemaker. Lesson here: don not mess with the status quo or official Washington might actually get off their ass and do a hatchet job on you. The most shocking thing I noticed here was that Colbert I. King of the Washington Post is an overweight African-American. For some reason, I had always assumed he was a thin African-American. For the record, I have nothing against overweight or thin people; we all have different body types.

I missed "The McLaughlin Group", so I cannot tell you what color tie Tony Blankley was wearing. I can assure you that when I comment on this wonderful show, that information will always be an integral part of my report.

And so it goes for week 1 of the Sunday Afternoon Quarterback™. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


The above title was in the running for the name of this blog, but even I would not want to read something with that title even if it was my own blog. So I figured it had to go, and it was relegated to the realm of honorable mentions. Well, I have a feeling I won't post as much as I imagined. I am basically really lazy, and not that original. Also, I don't want to bore my non-existent fans with drivel. So I haven't posted anything since my original welcome message, which set the blog world on fire although no one seems to have noticed, yet.

I have no idea how to set up anything on this blog. I guess I could read and do some research, but I bet that would be hard. No way I am doing that. However, I am unsure if I want to have people reading my posts and responding. There are two reasons, one I would have to read everyone's comments, which is much more of a commitment than I am willing to make at this time. The second reason is invariably many of the commenters (if not all) would be better writers than me, and the shock to my fragile ego would probably overwhelm my already overloaded medication regimen. (This is not really how I am, this is an exaggerated fictional version of me.)

I am a liberal, so committing to a course of action is hard for me. I still haven't really come to terms with supporting Bill Clinton over Jerry Brown. Sure Clinton was President for 8 years and has been out of office for over 30 months (seems like a lifetime), but part of me feels like a sell-out for backing Clinton. (This unfortunately, is pretty much the real me.)

Basically I will respond to things that bother me, and try to do it before other more talented and well-known bloggers beat me to it.

Also, I will post things I think my blog should have and eventually will figure out how to have little links to those posts like the big boys do. So to steal Wesley Clark's and John Edwards' thunder, I am officially in the blog race. Yeah, I can sense the excitement in America too. Kind of like when you read a Christopher Hitchens article and you can smell through your computer monitor the coffee and cigarettes, if he wrote the article while he was hung over in the morning (or most likely late afternoon), or the gin and bourbon, if he wrote it early in the morning when he came home to his empty apartment after an all-night bender railing against Kissinger or Clinton, depending on his company. (I channeled the ghost of William Faulkner for the last sentence.)

If this blog lasts awhile you will get a sense of my disdain for organized religion generally, and the Bible specifically. However, I have a newly discovered respect for the person (most likely persons) that wrote Genesis, after the fiasco that is my welcome message. You may have a great story but to get started and grab the readers attention is hard. My basic problem with Genesis is that if it was written/inspired by God, it should be a better read than it is. However, if it is written by men/women trying to explain God without His benefit, it is much better than I have previously given it credit. Well the first couple of chapters, after that it is still horrid (there goes the Bible Belt, oh well). I have always deeply respected Thomas Jefferson (and friends who assisted, John Adams and Ben Franklin) and his work on the Declaration of Independence, but my appreciation has grown a bit more if it is possible.

Ok, so my struggle with writing my welcome post should not even be mentioned on the same page as either of the previous two works. However, a committee wrote those works, and I did my lousy welcome post by myself. Also, I tried to be gracious and humble, which for me is not easy. Anyone who knows me would state categorically I do not even know how to spell the two qualities let alone embody them. So, to state I was floundering for eloquence is fairly accurate.

So my welcome post blew and this is not much better. As I am stumbling towards incompetence, wish me luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2003


This is my first blog/website. I don't know much about anything in particular, but I am interested in politics, sports, and entertainment. I will post things that I am passionate about at the moment and hopefully, the reader will find my posts relevant or at least amusing. I will be working on this blog for the next week or so, trying to make it what I envision it. Basically, I hope to have some information about myself and things you might find interesting about me. For starters, I am an anonymous American male. I may change the name and everything about this blog in the coming weeks as I find what I think works and what does not. If you stumble on this site while it is evolving through its creation phase, check back from time to time to see if it gets better or is relegated to the dustbin of history. I may not write very often, or very well, I really have no idea how this will evolve. However, my goal is to set the bar as low as possible and stumble over it.

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